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6 Common Mistakes You Should Avoid While Mounting TV to Wall

6 Common Mistakes You Should Avoid While Mounting TV to Wall

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When it comes to upgrading up your TV watching experience, finding the right sized TV is a simple first step. But there are a lot of simple challenges that can lead to serious mistakes down the line that a lot of people do not consider. Here are 6 common mistakes you should avoid while mounting TV to wall:

  1. Without Having a Plan:Always have a plan when you get your new TV. Otherwise, that thousand-dollar investment could end up on the ground or in a place it’s not ideal to level up your TV watching experience to relax and recharge after a long and exhausting workday.
  2. Not Knowing the Carrying Capacity of Your Walls:Some TVs can weight over a hundred pounds depending on the size and if you do not find the right location and locate a stud that can support that weight, your TV will end up on the ground.
  3. Deciding Wrong Location:Unfortunately, once you mount a TV, it’s pretty much fixed in that location, and if you didn’t factor in the viewing distance or viewing angle, you’re gonna have a bad experience. Picking the right viewing angle to mount your TV is an important part of increasing the TV watching experience in your living room:Too high and your neck will hurt, too low and you’ll always be looking down.
  4. Wrong Wall Mount Selection:As it is already mentioned, TVs weigh all amounts of different weights, and unfortunately, not all mounts are developed with the same carrying capacity. They’re only designed to handle certain sizes and certain amounts of weight. Now that you’ve decided on your TV model, it’s time to consider which TV mount you want to use, and where you’re going to put it on the wall of your living room.One of the important considerations will be the dimensions of your TV. It means will it support the size that you’ve chosen. If you choose one that supports a smaller size of TV model than yours, your TV could end up on the ground with broken pieces of the HD screen.

    Another consideration just like that is will it support the weight of the TV? Again, TVs can weigh all over the range from 60 pounds to over 100 pounds, and that can make a reasonably big difference in the TV wall mounts you are going to decide.

    The final consideration should be the quality of the TV wall mount that you’re considering. All of those TV mounts are made out of a specific type of material such as metal that bends with weight and carrying pressure over time. If you want to pick a high-quality TV mount that will hold up for years to come, you should consider paying more at the moment for not ending up buying a new TV after several months.

  5. Not considering the lights from windows or sun exposure before TV installation:As we have already experienced, during some hours of a day sun and other sources of lights can be a disruption for our TV watching activity, such as blocking the screen or a portion of it. Therefore, it’s better to compare the walls in your living room by considering these external factors before starting the TV mounting process. Having your TV mounted on wall with tilting or full-motion wall mounts may be the ideal solution with the option that enables you to adjust your TV to any angle you wish to ignore sun exposure and to reach the ideal height for mounting TV.
  6. Not having enough length of cable for proper connection:If you are going to install TV on the wall, you should have the appropriate length of cables for proper connection. The devices such as sound bar, your game console, or other electronic accessories with AV connection need a reasonable length of cables for not stretching all the cables which can result in broken connection after several days of connection. You might consider moving your TV from the stand to the center of your wall may result in an ugly look by revealing all the cables, but with the right wire management practice, you can both achieve the needed protection and look you wish in your living room.

If you do not want to make this kind of mistake while mounting your TV to the wall, just contact us and enjoy the high-quality television installations service and benefits of having your TV mounted on wall. We have well-trained and qualified technicians to provide you the premium TV mounting services at fair prices. We’re here for you.


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