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Paramount TV Installation

Paramount TV Installation professionals will take your TV to the next level.
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Paramount TV Installation

Secure installation is the key purpose of having your TV mounted on the wall of your apartment. No one would like to get up to the crash noise of a fallen TV and its screen broken into the pieces. Therefore, Paramount TV Installation company is here to provide you with the secure installation and everything around it.

We mount, remount, and dismount TVs of all types, models, and sizes. Since there are lots of TV brands and screen sizes, not all TV brackets are considered generally for all of them. Hence, you should know about the details of your TV, such as its weight, screen dimensions, etc. This kind of detail about your TV will help us to get and select the ideal TV bracket (which can carry the weight of your TV which costs hundreds of dollars nowadays.)

Like the best TV Mounting Paramount service, we can deal with all of these factors mentioned. If you do not have a TV bracket yet, don’t worry. We provide TV brackets and free delivery of them on the same day of your appointment. If you have any doubts about having your TV mounted to wall or anything in mind, just let us know and enjoy your free consultation service beforehand of your Paramount TV Mounting appointment.

Besides mounting TVs, we provide extra services such as sound bar mounting, under TV shelf mounting, cord concealment, wire management, etc. If you wish to enjoy one of these services along with having your TV mounted on wall, just let us while booking your fastest and best TV Installation Paramount service.


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Services Offered:

Although television installation sounds like a piece of cake, the truth is that if you do not know how to mount a TV on the wall the right way, it can get on your nerves. This task requires precision and balance. To succeed this, you will need the right tools that allow you to drill in the perfect place without errors so that you don't destroy the electrical system in your home or make extra holes on the walls of your living room while dealing with your TV mounted on wall.

Provide the delivery of your wall TV bracket and other tools to your place on time.

We can mount your TV on all types of walls such as brick, drywall, plaster, concrete or mount your TV above fireplace.

Dismount your previous TV or old TV bracket if needed before the remounting.

Provide extra services such as concealing wires (upon request), sound bar mounting and connect all AV cables etc.

Install all of fixed (flat), tilting, full motion (swivel) and corner TV mounts as you wish which fits best your place our its design.

Our well-trained mounting technicians will provide your TV installation service in Los Angeles with the help of correct tools and professional equipment.

"Very professional service! There was a quick turn around with the scheduling and the installation was quick and done very well. The best price I’ve found for wall mounting thus far"

Barbara B

"Emil was on time and did an amazing job. He was really nice and professional. He had every tool and accessory needed to do everything. He mounted my 55 inch and 70 inch TV perfectly and even mounted a large sound bar for me in my living room. I highly recommend him. "

Mark D

"Definitely recommend this company. Scheduled a mounting with Zaur and within an hour he was over my place for the TV installation and was done within 30 mins! It was like he worked some magic! Everything was done perfectly and effortlessly. "

Sandie A