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Professional Local Installers Provide Perfect TV Wall Installation Service in Riverside

We mount a variety of TVs on a variety of walls.

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Professional Local Installers Provide Perfect TV Wall Installation Service in Riverside

Call Us Now, And At Reasonable Prices, Get The Best TV Wall Mount Installation

Install your TV at a cheap cost and with a warranty from experienced specialists

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Call Us Now, And At Reasonable Prices, Get The Best TV Wall Mount Installation

Best TV Installation Riverside Service

In addition to television installation, we offer other services such as sound bar installation, wire control, cable hiding, and more.

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Best TV Installation Riverside Service
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Yоur Same Day TV Mounting Riverside Company

Whаt Оur Jоb Еntаils:

Our experts may also assist you with an extra couple of points to enable Digital TV to be seen in other locations, such as outside, outdoors, in the bedroom, pool area, and so on. Don't risk harm or your cherished new TV by opting for ITOD's expert TV installation service, which comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and an excellent Product Warranty.

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yоur TV mounting.
Wе аrе аvаilаblе tо install TV in yоur hоmе tоdаy.

If you are searching in Google "TV mounting near me" our professional TV installers is here for you. They will come to you whenever it is most convenient for you, including weekends, nights, and holidays. We'll take care of all the measuring, drilling, and hard lifting, as well as hiding the wiring, hooking up your surround, installing shelving,
and more.

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Steps You Should Follow To Book Your TV Mounting Riverside Service in Riverside

Installing a television on your own isn't always as complicated as it appears. That said, many things may go wrong, leaving your wall in disarray or, even worse, your expensive television broken on the ground.

To minimize significant damage to your wall, TV, and personal safety, it's always a good idea to do your research and take all necessary measures before you begin. Don't risk a disaster by following this straightforward, step-by-step method to install a TV without harming the wall.

Choose a location for it on the wall

It's crucial to consider the weight of your TV as well as the capacity of your walls and the TV bracket you'll use for installation before deciding to put it.

Some TVs weigh up to 100 pounds, and if you don't find a stud on your intended wall that can handle that weight, your TV may tumble down. You'll need to find a wall and a TV mount that can carry the entire weight of your TV.

Selecting a Bracket

As previously said, you must first choose a TV mount before proceeding with the installation. The bracket is a device that connects to both the TV and the wall, securing and securing your television.

You'll need to make sure that the bracket will fit your TV and will be able to handle its entire weight - you can find out more about this by looking at the product's box and specs. Fixed, tilting, full-motion, and corner TV mounts are the most common bracket designs, and our in-depth blog entry on which sort of TV mount to use can help you choose one.

Calculate it

After you've chosen a bracket, take measurements of your TV and the bracket itself so you can decide where you'll install it and where it'll fit nicely on the wall. Next, as a visual reference, we recommend laying down the tape to attach to the TV.

We're pretty sure it's not the "entertainment experience" you're thinking

Yes, there have been incidents of individuals being injured due to TVs falling on them due to inadequately fastened wall brackets, people falling off ladders, even electric shocks from bad DIYers who should know better and worse.

That is why we definitely recommend you to contact ITOD in Riverside, who can skillfully mount your TV to the wall and offer the proper TV Wall Bracket, if necessary.

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Top rated TV mounting service

As your local TV installation Riverside specialists, we've completed hundreds of television installations with a high level of quality.

Professional Technicians

We developed a superb team of well-trained specialists and technicians based on our years of expertise in the field.

Best Prices and Special Deals

We provide the greatest costs for the best job because we are Riverside's top-rated TV wall mount installation service.

Whаt Mаkеs Us Spесiаl?

ITOD Riverside TV Mounting experts оffеr а full rаngе оf television instаllаtiоn sеrviсеs
tо take yоur еntеrtаinmеnt visiоn intо the rеаlity.

What Makes Us Special?
What Makes Us Special?
Top Quality
What Makes Us Special?
What Makes Us Special?
whаt wе оffеr

Соntасt us аnd gеt yоur TV mounted on wall by TV Mounting Riverside Experts

Wе Mаkе It Simplе

Installation of a TV can't seem to be a simple task, but it is a real challenge for those without knowledge. We're here to make things as easy as possible for you.

Fаst & Prеmium

While we provide the same-day services as fast as possible, you should always expect to get a high-quality job at the end.

Withоut аny Аdditiоnаl Сhаrgе

When you book our service, the price will cover all of the services we provide without any additional fees or hidden costs.


Tips for mounting TV on the wall fоr excellent results

To ensure that the mount is secure, use the screws and screwdriver to fasten it to the back of the TV. There may be a few spots to tighten and tweak the screws before you're finished, depending on the type of mount, so double-check everything.

Take a step back and make sure the TV is as secure and you found the best height for your TV. You'll be good to go with that wonderfully mounted TV, entirely damage-free because you took all the necessary measures and utilized amount and stud that can sustain your TV's total weight.

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  • Can you mount TV on drywall?
  • Can you mount TV above fireplace?
  • Who does TV wall mounting?
  • How should mount TV on brick wall?
  • How high should you mount TV on wall?
  • Why should you mount your TV?
  • Are TV mounting brackets universal?
  • Which type of wall TV mount is right for you?
    • TV Mount Features
    • SPACE & STYLE Adds a sleek, modern look and reduces clutter

    • PROTECTS KIDS Attaches securely to wall to prevent TV tip-overs

    • REDUCES GLARE Tilts to reduce glare from lights and windows

    • EASY CABLE ACCESS Easy access to conceal unsightly cables

    • WORKS UP HIGH Tilts down for a better view when TV is above eye level

    • PERFECT VIEW Swivels left and right for the perfect view from anywhere

    • FITS ANYWHERE Extends to allow mounting in corners and recesses

    • Full-Motion
    • Tilting
    • Fixed-Position

How far should you sit from your TV


TV size 80in

Recommonded TV viewing distances

  • 4K 5'2" - 10'5" 62 - 125 Inches
  • 1080P 10'5" - 15'7" 125 - 187 Inches
  • 720P 15'7" - 26'6" 187 - 319 Inches

Benefits of having your TV mounted on wall:

There are several advantages to mounting your television on the wall, both in terms of life and productivity. When it comes to television installation and mounting, we can simply assist you in determining where and how to begin. You will get the following advantages if you hire our company:

You save your time and money
You avoid hurting your back
Increase the free space in your living
Safe from being damaged
Increase your comfort in your living room
Effects your health with the ideal height &distance
You avoid damaging your walls
Services Offered:

Depending on whether you have sufficient experience, TV mounting may either be a piece of cake or a nightmare. In truth, the work requires a combination of balance and accuracy. To do so, you'll need the right instruments, which will enable you to drill in the precise area without making any mistakes, preventing harm to your home's electrical system or the creation of additional holes in the walls.

Provide the delivery of your wall TV bracket and other tools to your place on time.

We can mount your TV on all types of walls such as brick, drywall, plaster, concrete or mount your TV above fireplace.

Dismount your previous TV or old TV bracket if needed before the remounting.

Provide extra services such as concealing wires (upon request), sound bar mounting and connect all AV cables etc.

Install all of fixed (flat), tilting, full motion (swivel) and corner TV mounts as you wish which fits best your place our its design.

Our well-trained mounting technicians will provide your TV installation service in Los Angeles with the help of correct tools and professional equipment.

High-quality television installation that you would gladly refer to your friends, family, and other loved ones: Reliable, Premium, and on time

By mounting your flat-screen TV on the wall, you'll get a better viewing experience and a more attractive environment. Customer satisfaction and support are consistently high as a consequence of our high-quality service. Our primary objective is to keep and grow the number of satisfied clients in Riverside by providing the finest service possible.

icon Say "yes!" to TV Mounting Riverside City Experts!
icon Say "yes!" to TV Mounting Riverside City Experts!

5 Years of Professional Experience in High-Quality Riverside TV Installation Services:

If you have any concerns or questions, our knowledgeable technicians will advise you about where to place your television, how high to mount it, where to put it, and what kind of wall TV mounts to use. When the installation is over, the installer cleans up his work area to how it was before he arrived.

Some Statistics About Us

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Highly-Satisfied Customers
TV Mounted on Walls

"Very professional service! There was a quick turn around with the scheduling and the installation was quick and done very well. The best price I’ve found for wall mounting thus far"

Barbara B

"Emil was on time and did an amazing job. He was really nice and professional. He had every tool and accessory needed to do everything. He mounted my 55 inch and 70 inch TV perfectly and even mounted a large sound bar for me in my living room. I highly recommend him. "

Mark D

"Definitely recommend this company. Scheduled a mounting with Zaur and within an hour he was over my place for the TV installation and was done within 30 mins! It was like he worked some magic! Everything was done perfectly and effortlessly. "

Sandie A

Starting from $59

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Our same day TV mounting LA professionals will give you the following services:
✔ Install a TV bracket and wall mount your TV perfectly without any hassle.
✔ Measure the thickness of your wall, ideal TV mounting height for you, and TV weight.
✔ Analyze in-depth the wall in case there is a hidden cable or a secret wire, fire block, or pipes inside.
✔ Asses the structure of your walls for a better installation.
✔ Hide external cables for a better look (upon request).
✔ Connect all AV cables and provide wire management.
✔ Cleans up the working area to how it was before we arrived.
We recognize that some of our clients may have a limited amount of time off from their jobs and everyday responsibilities. Or for work, research, or special occasions, in short, we will provide you with a free television installation service. We may not impose any additional fees. Simply email us, and we'll happily arrange the service time according to your preferences.
You can confidently rely on our services whenever you decide to renovate your home, office, or apartment and remove your LED/LCD TV in order to avoid costly damages.
Many people move from apartment to home or house on a regular basis, and one of the most important concerns is "who will uninstall the TV system and reinstall it in my new home?" You can unwind through the moving process while you work with us. We'll come to dismount the TV, and the first thing we'll do when you're able to get it mounted at your new home is remounted it. As a result, you can watch your favorite TV program or channel in your new apartment after a long and tedious day of moving.
Unless you already have one, the client must first select wall TV mounts. We offer TV mounts that are fixed, tilting, or full-motion (swivel) to satisfy your expectations. It's also crucial to pick the right support for your TV by taking into account the room where it'll be placed, the height you want it to be built at, and the weight of the TV. Then we double-check that the TV support modules do not surround any of the sockets or connectors and that there is enough distance between the wall and the connections so that they do not come into contact with one another. Only then will we be able to complete the television mounting in a competent manner.
The iTOD