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TV Brackets & Wall TV Mounts

TV Brackets & Wall TV Mounts

TV Mounting Los Angeles|TV Installation Los Angeles|ITOD

If you wish to get your TV mounted on wall and enjoy our TV Installation Los Angeles service, but don’t have any TV bracket yet, don’t worry. We can take care of it and provide different types of wall TV mounts for your television installation appointment. Just contacts us and enjoy a free delivery option which is available when you get your TV bracket from us. We offer 3 types of TV brackets: fixed (still), tilting, and full-motion (swivel).

1. Fixed TV mount, which is a standard, still bracket that simply holds the TV on the wall.

2. Tilting bracket offers slight movement up and down for a better view.

3. Full motion wall TV mount provides more functionality by moving side to side, tilting up or down, or coming out for a closer view.


Starting from $59

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Tony Ramirez


Looking for an estimate on a 70”inch Samsung TV mount plus stalling it on the wall you provide the TV wall mount and labor need estimate.

    The Itod


    Hello. Yes we can definitely do that. You can call us 3106010066 for a quick quote.
    Thank you

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