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6 Steps to Mount TV on Stud Wall

6 Steps to Mount TV on Stud Wall

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How to mount TV on stud wall? Mounting your new flat TV on the wall is a popular trend these days. It saves space, makes everything look nice and tidy, and can be done in less than an hour! This blog post will discuss 6 steps to mount your TV on the stud wall for a great-looking home theatre experience. You will not miss out on all of the benefits that come with mounting your TV on stud walls!

Find studs in the wall

Put your stud finder up against the wall. You should see two lights appear when you are touching a stud in the wall with it. Make sure that all of the parts of the TV are unplugged before starting this project!

Once you have found some studs to place your TV mount, take out one of the screws and washers from each part of the mount.

Use a stud finder to locate the studs

Place your TV mount against the wall and make sure to line up all of the screws with studs. Once everything is lined up, screw in both parts of each part into two adjacent studs that you found. Make sure it’s nice and tight before moving on to step three!

Use a level to make sure your TV is straight

Place your TV on top of the mount that is secured into the studs. You will need to make sure that it’s straight before moving on to step four! To do this, use a level and adjust if necessary until you are satisfied with how it looks.

Use screws and anchors to mount your TV on the wall securely

Grab your TV and make sure that it is facing the right way. Then, line up all of the screws with their corresponding holes on the back of the TV. Once everything lines up correctly, use a drill to screw each one of them into place! You should be able to easily do this by hand if you don’t have a drill.

This is the step where you will be using anchors to secure your mount into place! Use an anchor that suits the wall material you are mounting on and screw it in by hand until it does not move anymore. You can also use a hammer if necessary.

Make sure you have enough room behind the TV

Before leaving your TV on the mount, make sure that there is enough room behind it for all of your cords and other equipment. You need to access them easily, so you don’t have any problems with mounting! Once everything lines up correctly, screw each of the screws into place by hand or use a drill if necessary.

Put up an entertainment center or shelf if necessary

If you do not have an entertainment center or other shelf to put your TV on because it’s mounted onto the wall, then this is a perfect opportunity for you to buy one! It keep everything organized and clean-looking, and it can also hide all of those cords that are sticking out from behind your TV.


How to mount TV on stud wall? This is not as difficult as it may seem. In fact, with these 6 steps and some patience, you can have your new flat screen mounted in no time! If you need more help in TV mounting or want to learn how to mount other types of large screens, then be sure to read our blog posts for additional tips and tricks.


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