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Outdoor TV Wall Mount: 6 Easy Steps for Outdoor TV Mounting

Outdoor TV Wall Mount: 6 Easy Steps for Outdoor TV Mounting

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There are several advantages of an outdoor TV wall mount. You’ll never miss your favorite show again if it’s raining, and the summers will be more enjoyable with a little less screen glare. But before you go shopping for one of these mounts, there are some things you should know first! Here is our guide on how to mount your TV outside in just 6 easy steps.

Determine where you want your TV mounted

Once you know where your TV will go outside, measure out a square or rectangle to determine how much space is available for mounting. In addition to the size of the TV itself, be sure to account for any cables that may need to run from it into an electrical outlet nearby!

Buy an outdoor TV mount kit

There are many different mounts available, but be sure to purchase them specifically made for outdoor use. If you can’t find an “outdoor” model in the store, look online and ensure it’s rated at least IPX-65 (or above).

Drill a hole in your wall or concrete block

The anchor bolts are an essential part of this step. Make sure they’re rated for your particular type of wall, whether wood, brick, or concrete block. If you have a cinderblock wall, you’ll need to drill into that before inserting them with an SDS hammer drill bit and tapcon screws.

Try to attach the bracket to the back of your TV using screws

Once you have the anchor bolts in place, attach the TV mount to them using screws. You have to use a stud finder when hanging it on wood, and try to be sure the screws are long to go all the way through your wall.

Install brackets on each side of your TV

Attach the brackets on either side of your TV to mounting plates using screws. Make sure they’re long enough and that you don’t strip out the holes! If you have a larger TV, be sure whatever material it’s made from will support its weight outside of metal is more robust than plastic, for example.

Tighten all bolts, so there are no gaps or movement in between components

Be sure to tighten all bolts, so there are no gaps or movement in between components. You don’t want your TV wobbling back and forth anytime it gets windy outside!


Now that you have the help of our blog, we hope your outdoor TV mounting process goes smoothly. Remember to consult with a professional if needed, and be sure to use these six easy steps every time! If you think that this post is helpful or want more tips on how to start an outdoor TV wall mount in your backyard, make sure to read some of our other posts for even more information about tv mounts.


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