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How to Install a LCD TV on the Wall: The Ultimate Guide

How to Install a LCD TV on the Wall: The Ultimate Guide

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Are you wondering how to install a LCD tv on the wall? Have you just purchased a new LCD TV and are wondering how to install it on the wall? If so, be sure that this post is for you! We will be going over all of the steps that need to be taken to get your TV up and running. This includes taking some measurements, finding out what tools you will need, and more. So enjoy our guide on installing an LCD TV!

Buy the suitable TV stand

When you first purchase your TV, it is essential to go out and buy a stand that will hold the weight. There are many different stands on the market today, so make sure you do some research before purchasing one.

Measure your wall space for a perfect fit

Before you purchase the TV stand, it is essential to measure your wall space. This way, you can buy a large enough stand that will fit perfectly on your walls! Our recommendation for measuring would be using string tape to mark off where your TV might sit before making any final decisions about what size of a television/stand combo you might need.

Use an electric drill to make holes in the drywall

If you are hanging your TV onto drywall, the first step would be to drill some holes. This will allow for proper support and screwing of the mount holder attached to your television’s back. Try to make sure that you drill the holes deep enough.

Attach screws into the back of your TV stand 

This is where you would attach the screws that are connected to your TV stand. The next step would be to slide them through the holes in the drywall and then screw them into place using an electric drill.

After this, make sure no other part of your television or stands sticks out from the wall. This will ensure a safe installation process!

Now that you have the proper tools and measurements, all you need is to attach your TV to the wall. Make sure it is properly supported before turning on any power outlets or devices connected to it. If everything seems stable, then go ahead and turn on your new television for a test run!

Securely tighten all screws

One last step before you can turn on your television would be to make sure that all screws are securely tightened and bolts attached. This will keep your new television safe, secure, and up high enough, so it doesn’t fall or anything! If everything seems stable, go ahead and attach brackets onto either side of your televisions frame and secure it with bolts on each side and at the top and bottom.

Put up a level

Before you go ahead and tighten any more bolts or screws, make sure to put up a level. This will ensure that everything is installed correctly before you continue with the installation process! Once this has been completed, then your TV should be ready for viewing! Make sure it feels stable after turning it on before leaving the room for long periods.

That’s it! We hope this guide on how to install a LCD tv on the wall has been helpful for you and that your new television is up and running smoothly in no time!


The installation process can seem daunting at first, but you’ll be an expert in no time. Just follow the tips we shared, and your LCD TV will look great on any wall! Have a question or need more help? Leave us a comment below for our blog experts to answer. We also have many other articles with tv mounting tips that may come in handy too!


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