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How to Choose TV Size for Wall: The Complete Guide

How to Choose TV Size for Wall: The Complete Guide

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One of the biggest decisions you’ll make in your living room is to choose tv size for wall. It’s also one of the most expensive and can have a huge impact on how you live with it every day. This guide will help you decide which size TV mounting is best for your needs, from small TVs for kitchens or bedrooms up to large screens that fill your entire wall!

Determine the size of your TV

When deciding on a TV size for your living room, bedrooms or kitchen it’s important to figure out the space you have available for one first. Figuring out which size of tv is best depends largely on two things:

*How much wall space do I want my new TV to take up? The larger the screen, the more space it will take up, so if you have a small space to work with that may mean opting for something smaller

*Do I want the TV visible from other rooms? If you’re going for an eye-catching centerpiece and your living room is the open plan then go big! But if privacy matters more than anything else (and we don’t blame you!) then go for a smaller TV

It’s also worth considering that there are TVs of all shapes and sizes to suit any room, so you don’t have to buy the same size as your previous one. If this is your first time buying a new TV, it can be daunting! But fear not – we’re here with some of the best advice on how to choose TV size for a wall.

Consider what type of viewing experience you want to have

When you’re choosing tv size for the wall, it will depend on how much of the screen you want to see and what type of viewing experience you would like.

*Do I need a TV that’s great for watching sport? If so then get one with high refresh rates as this is important when playing fast-moving games or watching sports; a high refresh rate will ensure there are no distracting blurs or ghosting

*Do I want a TV that can display all of the latest video content in stunning detail? If so then you’ll need one with Ultra HD, and it’s worth upgrading your sound system too to match

*Do we want a tv for our bedroom? A smaller screen makes sense, as you want to create a cozy atmosphere for watching things late at night.

*Do we need a tv for the kitchen? A small screen also makes sense here, so that it doesn’t take up too much space and can be easily hidden from sight when not in use

Consider where you will place your TV

When deciding on which tv size for wall to buy, you’ll also need to think about where it will go in your home. If the TV is going in a living room then make sure that the back of it won’t be visible from other rooms; if not, then an opaque or black screen might help!

Think about how much space is available in your room

How to choose the right tv size for your wall? The answer depends on what you want from it, and how much space is available in your room. Below are some of the most popular sizes:

*30 inches – great if you have limited living or bedroom space but still want to watch TV without subtitles; also perfect as a secondary TV

*43 inches – the perfect size for a small to the medium-sized living room; great if you want an affordable large tv that’s not too big

*55 inches – one of the most popular sizes and is often found in bedrooms, kitchens, or family rooms. It still offers enough viewing space but doesn’t dominate your space

*65 inches – perfect for living room or bedroom; offers a great viewing experience with modest space requirements

*80-inch TVs are becoming more popular and work well if you have the space. They’re best suited to large living rooms, bedrooms, or anywhere where you want a TV that dominates your surroundings

Decide if you want a flat-screen or curved TV 

When choosing tv size for the wall, you’ll have to decide whether the TV should be flat or curved. A curved screen is best suited to a living room where it can be prominently displayed and create an eye-catching centerpiece; if not then go with a standard flat screen instead!

Choose which brand and style best fits with your home’s design 

Choose TV size for wall wisely and consider the style of your home when deciding. You’ll also need to think about what type of viewing experience you want, as well as whether you would prefer a flat-screen or curved design; if so then this could be something that dictates which brand is best suited to you.


In this blog post, you’ve learned everything you need to know about choose TV size for wall for your space. Whether it be a living room or bedroom, we can help you find the perfect fit and have our team of experts install it in no time! If installing that new television is not on your list of things to do this weekend, don’t fret; contact us today and let one of our professional tv mounting company professionals take care of all these details for you. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon!


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