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HDMI and Extension cords

HDMI and Extension cords

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After having your TV mounted to wall, you’ll need HDMI and extension cords for constant and proper connection. If you don’t have and haven’t purchased any yet, we can provide you with HDMI cables. As we are going to place your TV in a higher position in comparison with its location and height on your TV stand, you might need extension cords for connecting your TV to electric power. Since most of the latest TV models come with a short power cable, this is a necessary factor for not facing any connection challenge after having your television installation service. We can do measurement and provide you with the appropriate high-quality extension cord available. Our technicians offer both of the options if you are in need.

What is an HDMI Cable?
HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) is an HD signal for transferring both high definition audio and video over a single cable.

What is an extension cord?
An extension cord is a power extender, it offers flexibility with a plug on one end and one or more sockets on the other end.


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