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Mounting a TV on Brick Fireplaces: 6 Steps to do it

Mounting a TV on Brick Fireplaces: 6 Steps to do it

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Mounting a TV on brick fireplaces can be tricky. The fireplace is usually taller than the average television, and this means that you will need to purchase mounting brackets that are made for high-rise TVs. Here are the steps to help:

Decide on the best mounting location

The TV should be mounted to a wall that’s perpendicular or parallel to the fireplace. The best place for mounting is one where it will be because of most people in the room, but you can also mount it on another vertical surface like a cabinet if there isn’t enough space between your fireplace and other furniture.

Measure the distance from the fireplace to where you want your TV

Measure the distance from your fireplace to where you want your TV mounted. This will determine how long a mounting bracket is needed, and what type of brackets to get. For example, if it’s more than 36 inches away, then wall mounts are necessary; anything less can be supported by stand-alone brackets on studs or masonry work near your fireplace.

Choose a good mount that is compatible with brick fireplaces 

There are many different types of mounts, and some will work better with brick fireplaces. A swivel mount can be mounted to the wall or a fireplace in any orientation (vertical, horizontal) without having to readjust it often. A TV lift can also be used, but it does not work well with brick fireplaces.

A tilt mount is the most compatible option for brick fireplace mounting and will allow you to angle your screen to get a better view of what’s on-screen from different angles in the room. It’ll cost more than other brackets, though – around $50 for a single mount and $200 or more if you need to buy brackets in pairs.

A low-profile TV stand can also be used, but it’s not as stable as other mounts that are specifically designed for brick fireplaces.

Prepare your space  

It’s not possible to mount a TV on brick fireplaces if there are any obstacles in the way. Remove anything that could be an issue, like furniture or plants and other objects that may obstruct your line of sight to the screen.

Find a stud and drill holes for screws into it 

The two most common mounting brackets are the swivel (for a vertical or horizontal mount) and the tilt. The swivel is less expensive, but it may not be compatible with brick fireplaces – these mounts need to go on studs that can hold them in place without sagging. Choose one of these types based on your budget and what you’re looking for.

Once brackets are in place and the TV is mounted, make sure that there’s enough space between it and anything else to avoid any possible damage.

Position TV onto brackets and tighten screws securely

Once your brackets are in place, position the TV on them and tighten all screws securely. The final step is to hang any cables that you may need for connecting the screen – like HDMI or cable wire- with a small hook so they’re not visible to anyone watching the television from different angles.


Mounting a TV on brick fireplaces can be tricky and hard to do it. Not only do you need to make sure that the mount will work with your fireplace, but also know how high up it should go and what type of material is best for attaching the mount. If this sounds like something you’d like some help with, we are here!

Our team of experts has years of experience mounting TVs on brick fireplaces as well as other types of surfaces. We have everything from installation kits to video tutorials so we can guide you through the process step by step. Give us a call today if you want professional assistance in making sure your television mounts securely onto any surface – even one made out of bricks!


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