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How to hide wall mounted tv/9 ways to hide your TV

How to hide wall mounted tv/9 ways to hide your TV

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Allowing that large black box to dominate your lovely design plan is not a good idea. So you ask yourself “how to hide wall mounted TV?”. We’ve got some brilliant ideas for fully concealing a television, or at the very least disguising it so that it sticks out less.

Need some clever ways to conceal a television? You’ve spent months planning and designing a new living room layout, only for your television to take center stage. But don’t be concerned.

If you’re still looking for the greatest TV to fit into your living room, or if you already have one, you have two options: integrate it or hide it.

So how to hide wall mounted TV?

As a result, we’ve come up with 9 different methods to hide a TV or just incorporate it so that it doesn’t take over. All you have to do now is locate the remote – or wrestle it away from the kids.

Make it a part of the overall design

There’s no sense concealing your TV when your wall looks this nice and your TV looks this sleek. Why not make it the center of attention? With a few houseplants surrounding it, you’ll almost forget you’re inside.

Hide it behind a collection of framed artworks

This fantastic cabinet is doable for confident DIYers. Using hinged MDF panels, mount similarly framed photos. After that, attach battens to the wall. That’s it, you’ve created your TV cover.

Purchase a TV cabinet that can be concealed

One apparent method to keep your set from taking center stage is to store it in a tall cabinet in the living room. Because of its Shaker style, this cabinet from The Dormy House (above) is virtually certain not to date.

If you want to conceal your TV like this, put a four-way socket bar behind the TV, within the cabinet, so there’s just one wire coming out and you don’t have to move it to disconnect anything. To enable plugs to go through your cable hole, it should be approximately 5cm square.

With a striking media unit, you can lessen the effect

Although a dramatic wall unit won’t fully conceal the TV, it will at least divert attention away from a wall-mounted flat screen. This version has a beautiful wood veneer, glass shelves, and built-in lighting that may be utilized to draw attention to striking decorations rather than your television.

By selecting a piece that fits in with the surrounding furniture – in this instance, the dining suite around the corner – the TV’s purpose is hidden.

Is your budget too tight or your space too tiny for a piece like this? Instead, place your TV against a striking feature wallpaper.

Invest in a bed with built-in TV storage

If you’re a binge-watcher, you’re likely to have a television in your room. Well, it’s better than waking up at 2 a.m. on the couch with a remote imprint on your face.

If you’d rather keep your screen concealed – may be because you’re afraid the kids will want one in their room, or because you don’t want it to clutter up a dressing table or chest of drawers – invest in a bed with hidden storage.

This beautiful double bed is available in black or grey, but you must provide your television.

Place your television in a closet

Another clever method for concealing a bedroom television is to locate a place inside bedroom storage, such as fitted closets. Sure, you’ll have to give up valuable purse or shoe storage, but it’s a small price to pay to avoid having a large black box dominate your area.

Purchase a projector

Modern projectors provide incredible high-resolution image quality and allow you to view on a screen of up to 100 inches. It’s like going to the movies but from the comfort of your own home. And, best of all, the screen does not have to be visible at all times.

If the wall is level enough, you may project directly onto it and use special reflective paint to enhance the picture quality even further. However, if you want a luxurious experience, we suggest investing in a motorized projector screen that can be concealed while not in use. It may also be used as an outdoor movie theater.

A TV mirror should be hung

Some companies offers a fantastic range of mirrors with built-in televisions. When you turn off the television, it suddenly vanishes, leaving just your lovely reflection.

A sliding panel can be a good choice

The center part of this customized solution pulls away to expose an integrated flat-screen TV, even though it seems to be a beautiful country-style paneled wall. If you have additional material that needs to be organized, such as a collection of DVDs, CDs, or vinyl, this is a fantastic option.

The TV is placed on a wall bracket, then narrow cabinets are constructed around it to get this appearance. Whether you have a surround sound system that you also use to play music, ask your furniture maker if mesh doors may be made to hide the speakers while allowing the sound to flow freely.


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