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Do curved TVs need a special mount?

Do curved TVs need a special mount?

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So you just got a brand-new curved TV and you are looking for an answer to this “do curved TVs need a special mount?” question. Because most curved TVs are bigger than flat-screen TVs, they may not fit on your TV stand and will need to be mounted.

It may seem at first to be a complex procedure better left to handymen and experts, but it’s very simple. You’ll have no trouble mounting your new curved TV to a wall if you follow the instructions described in this article.

Is it possible to mount curved televisions on the wall?

Whether you’re wondering if you can wall-mount a curved TV, the answer is yes. The majority of curved TVs can be wall-mounted since only the screen is curved. The mounting holes are all in the same place. The method of installing a curved TV is identical to that of attaching a flat-screen television. Most TV mounts and wall brackets are compatible with curved TVs.

Are there any special TV mounts available for curved TVs?

A specific mount is not required for the majority of curved TVs. Almost any mount or bracket that has been certified to work with your TV model should suffice. On the other hand, certain specific brackets, such as swivel brackets that enable the TV to be seen from various angles, work well with curved TVs.

Remember that installing a television requires the use of equipment like a drill, screwdrivers, pencils, and a level. On that point, you may need to drill straight through your walls. A level is usually included with the TV mount box. Otherwise, you risk putting the TV on a little slant if you don’t use the supplied level.

While the procedure is rather straightforward, if you are unsure, you can always hire a handyman or expert to install the mount for you. As an ITOD we are here for this. Our professional employees will make this process stress-free.

Curved televisions are extremely popular because they allow the spectator to be more immersed in the screen. Curved TVs also provide a decrease in reflections due to their gentle curvature. It’s essential to sit in the “sweet spot,” or exactly in front of your curved TV, to get the most out of it. However, since your TV is not usually directly in front of your sofa, this is problematic in many circumstances. In addition, your cabinet may not be at the proper height for your TV to be at eye level.

Curved TVs are, thankfully, compatible with ITOD! 

Wall mounts for curved televisions

“Do curved TVs need a special mount?” is a commonly asked question when it comes to curved TVs. Yes, it is correct. Are you curious as to why? Continue reading to find out more.

While a curved television’s screen is curved, nearly all curved televisions include standard VESA compatible mounting holes on the back, much like a traditional (non-curved) television. The screws used to install these curved TVs are the same as those used to mount “regular” televisions. The main difference is that curved TVs need a few more space holders to ensure that the curvature fits around the wall mount. 

Why should I put my curved TV on the wall?

There are many advantages to hanging a television on the wall, both for the viewer and for your living room. You can get the greatest viewing angle for your curved TV by utilizing a curved TV wall mount, also known as a curved TV wall bracket. In addition, the wall mount allows you to install your curved TV and optimize the amount of open space in your living room. We created an incredibly thin wall mount to ensure that our wall mounts may be placed very near to the wall. Your television will take up almost no room this way! Furthermore, you won’t need a table or cabinet to put your TV on, saving you even more room.

A curved TV wall mount will give your home a contemporary appearance. The mount allows the wires and cords to be hidden behind the TV. This provides your space a sleek and clean look.

Finally, a TV wall mount allows you to position the television at eye level. This will provide you with the best viewing angle.

So how to mount curved tv?

We answered your “do curved TVs need a special mount?” question and now it’s time for other. How to mount curved TV? ITOD has a large selection of curved TV wall mounts with a variety of choices. All of our wall mounts are ideal for curved televisions. Our flat wall mounts allow you to attach your TV to the wall in a permanent and stable position without needing to change the TV’s position. You can change the angle of your TV with our tilt and turn wall mounts. 


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